From June to August, the weather is not so good in the Philippines. Because it has a lot of typhoons in the period.


We stayed in Puerto Galera, Mindoro Island, from August 20th to  August 23rd,  2017. While we were there, it rained often and the sea did not calm down.


On August 22, 2017, when we planned to do snorkeling, we had to worry about the weather condition because it rained a lot  until 5:00 am and we might postpone the schedule.


Luckily, as you can see in the picture below, the sunshine lighted while we're snorkeling.



For Geo and Gowoon, it was their first snorkeling in the Southeast Asian sea, but I had experiences two times in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand. So I had more expectation for snorkeling, and it's the main reason that I included Puerto Galera in our itinerary. Even I prepared a waterproof camera...


Our hopping tour for snorkeling started at the small pier in the photo above.



We took the KING JHONAS to the sea. Usually six tourists use a boat as a team, but it was an off season. So we only three of us were on that boat. The boat was run by a middle-aged uncle and a teenager, they are not father and son but anyway they're a family.



After about 10 minutes, we arrived at another shore. We transferred to a smaller boat there for snorkeling.


There were three snorkeling points, and we got on a friendly old man's SHEKAINAH.



The old man took care of Geo and Gowoon and helped them to enjoy snorkeling well.


Despite the bad weather condition, the sun shined while we're in the sea. So, we were excited to see the transparency of the water, the corals and the colorful fishs in the sea.


[At the first time, I uploaded a lot of photos. But I came to know that I'd better make a video file with those photos and uploaded it on YouTube. You can see clearer view by Chrome at 1080 resolution]


Yes, That's the sea!! If it's called the sea, it should have this sort of transparency and environment.


As a matter of fact, it was a mystery of the vivid sea that they encountered for the first time in their life.

How could they compare the COEX Aquarium and the Aqua Planet in Jeju Island to this real sea?


I needed to follow them after they jumped in to the water and became stable. I'm sorry but I missed some great moments while I took care of them and prepared my waterproof camera. Geo and Gowoon told me that they saw the clownfish.






It was my first time to use a waterproof camera, so I was not good at using it properly.

And I was overwhelmed by the fantastic scenes in front of me, so I hardly took pictures at the first snorkeling point.


How nice it was if the weather was a little better...

It could be more fascinating ....
















After seeing three snorkeling points, we returned to the shore again.


We were planning to have our lunch here and go to see the cave. But the heartless weather did not allow us more luck.


When we ate lunch, the weather seemed to be just as blazing ... but it started to be fickle again.

As the rain came, the waves became rough.


Under these weather condition, you could not go the cave because you could be in danger of breaking the boat while approaching the cave. They recommended us to go to another place and enjoy more snorkeling.


After we moved the next place, the rain was getting worse... So the sea was not as transparent as before.

Furtherworse, there was a long-shaped something at the bottom of the sea. It was a sea serpent (see picture below ... that guy).


It's not dangerous unless you touched it though.

Everyone in my family except Geo is scared of him ... We finished the schedule a little earlier than planned.






But ... on our travel and even after the travel .... The snorkeling there has been the most impressive experience of our trip.


If we come back next time .... I want my wife to join us and avoid from June to August.